Thursday, 30 June 2011

Enclosed within a frame so slight that eternity may penetrate with light

Enclosed within a frame so slight that eternity may penetrate with light
These pores, gasping for love’s breath
But when denied, panics and sweats ensue
And seeps something akin to tears
When adoration not found, bends the fragile frame 
And weighs it down, down, down
It is true, says hand and arm and eye
We become dislocated so, and blind, when in this darkening world
Love finds us not objects worthy of devoted-ness
[We are demented now but no one knows]

Saturday, 25 June 2011

kiss of life

Stripped of simplicity
She vanished into a set
Of complex relationships

Clothed in godliness
He suddenly appeared
Upon the defenceless earth


hush your mouth incessant incantator

as lies swell with words
as words get fat with hot air
as words are spelled out spilling into spiritual space
seeping down to seek out the dead and drag them from rest
hush now just hush
as the present splits past and future
and an unearthly light hovers over the two doorways
before the dark and deafening silence settles in

knight vision

extend your thought into time and space - a sharp sword with poems dripping off the end - like blood

i cannot lose poetry

to write a poem / like to say a prayer / is to throw a rock into a fast running river / resisting history's flow / purpose not yet known /and I unveiled in a whisper or a sigh / too busy / too late / too much of other things to sit and wait with trembling fingers touching lips / to trace the worded stirrings of the soul

constancy prayer

o descending stream
fill this empty vessel
find your home
in this one hollowed heart
hallowed by the clear crystal liquid
outpouring from on high

o descending stream
float my past and present 
sunken dreams
wash away the residue of sorrow
that I may live today
the glory of tomorrow

Monday, 6 June 2011


God is locked up
A prisoner of the mind
Made less than human
More than divine

God looks through the bars of the intellect
Treads on the shards of the wreck of humankind
And what does God find?
It is man who is the prisoner of the mind


Love smoulders
And will not blow out
Though storms have raged
It's quiet now
And in the stillness 
Darkness fills
Spaces once inhabited
And light infuses
Every vanquished attempt 
To find God 
In humankind

Love is kindled
By the breath of every
Word of kindness
Every self-less thought
Every act of devoted-ness
And then life becomes a flame


Ah, blessed man-woman trinity
Image of divinity
Flicker on

Friday, 3 June 2011

the thread is tight

Where the thread is tight
Heads bow
I do not look around
But within
I do not touch the surface
But go right in

Go to the site
Of ruin
Where the seat of remains
Glows in tender light
The pillars of defeated youth
Disappear into sorrowful night

The thread is tight
The silence penetrates
Deep into the ground
Deep to the soul’s solitary centre
Love, where the thread is tight
There is no sight

No sound
Except the wind whispering
Between the memories stacked
On the funeral pyre
The thread is tight
As the fire behind my eyes burns higher

As I scatter handfuls of ash
Across heart’s field
As fear, fallen and broken
Into countless, nameless pieces
Vanishes into charred ground
Fading light, advancing night

Love, the thread is tight

And where the thread is tight
Heads bow
Do not look around
But within
Do not touch the surface
But go right in