Thursday, 21 August 2014


As brutality deepens with each night
And we turn away
Celebrity shines a light in our faces
So we do not have to contemplate
The utterly unimaginable

Many more are carried away by evil today than yesterday
Extinguished in ways unspeakable
Forcing yet more to live on the borders of pain and insanity

A wounded heart only a wounded God can heal.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Raiment of stars

The landscape has opened up in me
Causing me to see a light
Like a full moon casting
A path of silver
Inviting us to shed yesterday
And put on tomorrow

But Sorrow stays so close
By the side of the silver path whispering
"Stay where you know, my dears, don't go"
As the wind blows gentle and strong
And the stars come out to play
To sprinkle their dust on our shadows

Ah, how late it is, how late, my love
To step into this light
But there is a lot at stake
Hurry [we have come so far!]
Let us exchange our dark robes
For a raiment of stars