Thursday, 19 January 2012

Memory Harbour

"No one creates ... the artist assembles memories ... The artist is a person who has developed observation and memory." Jack Yeats

Memory Harbour

Come to rest
Within the bounds
Of coastline behind eyes
Where waters lap
And waves unfurl

…Hush now

Recall the big
And the small
And call from the depths
What you lived

…But begged to forget


Wednesday, 11 January 2012

May God transform what I cannot approach

May God put the final nail in the coffin
May it not be me

May God unsheathed vengeances’ steel knife
May it not be me

May God fill the gaping void left by manifold silences
May it not be me

May God ingest the swirling darkness of sin
May it not be me

May I choose to see
What does not, could not, ever, belong to me

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The long drawn-out sigh *

The long drawn-out sigh
Stretches across the centuries
Each generation stands on the bow-ing bridge of years
And points, with whitening finger, to vistas threaded through with longing
Time silences not one jot of desire unfulfilled

The long drawn-out sigh
Covers like the weightless air of morning
All who are born
Grow and suppress it if you will
But know that your deep pools of aching darkness
Ripple only once or twice a lifetime

[When one word fired forth from heaven's doorway - like a lover's arrow - pierces heart's haven and at last - the long drawn-out sigh - stretched to its uttermost - is gathered into manifold meaning's fold]