Tuesday, 28 February 2012

we are ...

it was said of russia, post-war
by one of its own
that they were dwarfed birches 
wedging like splinters
under the fingernails of frost
and that the kingdom of the
everlasting frost
would crush crush
ah, how the east wind searches us western
dil-et-tantes out
we are not deeply planted 
as splinters...........dwarfed birches
WE ARE ........................................

Monday, 27 February 2012

I have a word-ed gift

I have a word-ed gift
that seeks
tight coiled beauty
to unleash her
good-ed truth
trembling so
behind her veil

Friday, 3 February 2012

Transcending Transcendence

"You made me feel in that moment that I wasn't alone, and you empowered me."
X Factor USA judge Nicole Scherzinger speaking to the  winner of the 2011 X Factor USA  Melanie Amaro.

"You are the person you are now." Simon Cowell speaking to Melanie Amaro after her winning performance.
"Pop culture is our religion, and through self-worship in terms of your identity, and through honouring your identity and really fighting for who you are every single day of your life down to your core, you can have more faith and more hope in life and in the future."
Lady Gaga, talking to Ellen Degeneres 28/4/11 - the show where she premiers her song Judas (this quote starts at 3.45)
"Transcendence ultimately converges a single source, which constantly resounds within the human being ... Transcendence is the spirituality of a human being revealing itself."
Karol Wojtyla, Person and Community

"Remember that we live in an age when each objection becomes a personal offence, so people either adore one another like gods, or they hate one another like devils - but nobody has the courage to love - and of innate love there is now so little like never before. 
From this follows - that we must not see the weak side in those whom we have learnt to value, nor are we allowed to see the good side in whom we must not value. In other words, one is not allowed to act as a Christian towards his fellow men, that is, one is not free to be free.
As a result there is no criticism today: there is only abuse, evasiveness, or adoration, pagan and blind."

"God exists within us not so we can stifle Him in the narrow confines of our human spirit; God is within us to tear us away from ourselves toward His supernatural transcendence."