Friday, 31 October 2008


When it was all over I asked the wisest man I could find which way to go. He looked me straight in the heart and said “Stay right here and let the silence fill you.”

Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Spring in Winter

My heart is not afraid anymore
My eyes are not dazzled by the glitz and glamour of this world
Blinded by the clamour
Or clouded by the judgments of others

I do not presume, assume, consume
Or take for granted anymore
God's loving kindness and compassion

I give space to my soul's expression
My soul is like newly washed curtains that I must draw at nightfall
So I can abide, confide, not strive
And open them again at the dawning of a new day

This causes me to come and go with rejoicing
A spring in my step though it may be winter all around

In my travelling, arriving, waiting returning or departing
There is a distance to cross
A journey, a race, a destination to reach
A space to exist within

At last
It's the palm of His hand

don't go back

what will u find?

no child hides
no room prepared
no table laid

the dying are busy
burying the living

strange cloud eclipes
the star

the wind of repetition
blows and blows

don't go back
she is here

the child
travels with u

flying home

horizon coloured sunset
ocean boat plane
there was a call
there is a name
waves far below
soundless soundless sea
sited land
wing tips
lights flicker