The Cool of the Day

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"What I like about your poetry is that it is 'spare' - distilled, which gives a clarity and takes the reader to the heart of what you want to express."

"This collection mixes fragile and delicate lyricism with deep spirituality – highly recommended for fans of thoughtful poetry and followers of Jesus. A potent and exciting mix." Click here for full review.

"I have been dipping into The Cool of the Day again and again ... I hear your voice there, your voice - yet an echo, speaking Truth into a babel of lies and darkness, which our age longs to hear, yet doesn't know it - thank you."

"What I have read so far has been very impressive. It is beautifully produced and presented and the content provokes real and fruitful reflection."

"Well done - I hope you get a good reception for your work as it is very impressive."

"Thought-provoking and peace bringing."

"I'm not a great poetry person, but this is very powerful: stimulating, thought-provoking, challenging, elegant. Congratulations!"

"Sarah's poetry beats with a glorious femininity. It’s like a cool, scented breeze."

"I really enjoy your poems and their Biblically based themes pressed out to the edge. Good stuff."

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