Friday, 14 December 2018


Humanity, no longer wrapped
But exposed
Removed from the womb
Of personhood  and remembrance

Humanity, no longer housed
But outside
In the cold of eviction
And forgetfulness

Humanity, no longer clothed
But naked
Exposed to the deception
Of all that is in the Idol

The Idol of humanity
Turns and turns
There is a beast
There is a harlot

There is wanton destruction

But there is a Lamb
But wreathed in victory
King of all Kings
Lord of all Lords
Standing, standing for war

Standing for Man
Standing for Woman
And her seed

Bloodshed inevitable

O sin in the flesh
Is killed only by killing flesh

Sacrifice embedded in humanity's heart
It beats, it beats
To forget
[that sin in the flesh is killed only by killing flesh]

It is finished

Softly, softly, tread softly

Softly softly, tread softly
Lofty ideas range around in the air above
Your head
And within a distant song

Softly softly, tread softly
See the shard ready to pierce
Your ready feet
And heart

Softly softly, tread softly
Flee to the near path
That is only lit from within
Your feet, heart and song