Monday, 20 August 2007

mourning has broken

the night has broken
morning has arrived
black bird has spoken
sound of sunlight
praise for war ending
praise for sun rising
praise for life waking
man receives sight

sweet the rain's falling
sunlit my darling
kisses like dewfall
touching my hand
come and remember
our house of sweetness
sprung in completeness
from the first land

mine is the reasoning
mine is the labour
born of the one type
eden expelled
come and forgive us
come and redeem us
need to recover
hand that we held

Saturday, 18 August 2007

The Snowdrop

A tear before falling
Held in fragility
Overcoming the winter
The flower to spring forth first
From the darkness of the earth

A pure promise of spring
Clothed in simplicity
Shivering in the wind
An eldest child longing for many brothers -
For a sudden appearing, a carpet of beauty

From highest heaven He came
Feet planted on rough wood
He died in the deepest of winters
The first born of many brethren
The third day to spring forth

What does this mean?
Praying and pleading
Fallen man upon a frozen earth
So many not seeing the white bud pushing up
Breaking winter’s curse

The first fruits of creation
Asking for others to come and to cover
The earth in beauty beyond all despair
Many brethren, many brethren suddenly appearing
Creation is singing, the melting, the melting’s begun

Saturday, 4 August 2007


the darkened edges
bruised reeds, a smouldering wick
hope springs eternal

hope springs eternal
bruised reeds, a smouldering wick
the darkened edges

underworld return
turning the shadows of night
to glorious light

photo Martin Crep