Saturday, 6 May 2017

The bridegroom is at the door

Such a long wait in the dark
Lamplight and love
Fuel for the fire of longing 

For Him to arrive

How long?
Tired eyes anxiously looking

At how much oil is left
To keep the lamp lit

What is that sound?
A midnight cry: 
'Here's the bridegroom! 
Come out to meet him!' 

At last to come in
But O what is that din?
The door is now shut

To those whose oil has run out

There is a day
There is an hour
So keep your lamp alive

Whilst waiting for Him to arrive

The wolf is at the door

The wolf is at the door
Hungry for more than we have
Waiting for a weakness to show itself
And then to attack and quickly devour

The barbarians are at the gate
Rattling sword and shield
Baying for blood
And a sacrifice beyond imagining

The enemy within
Prowls around a beating heart
Like a fox waiting to pounce
When love is at its ripest