Sunday, 24 July 2011


the mountain stands
the waves break against the rocks
the clouds move across the sky
obscuring the sun
o covered countenance
we are dying
to see

Thursday, 14 July 2011

there is no one to say simplify only complexify

there is no one to say simplify only complexify

add layer to layer to layer and grow old my dear

ah, the gulls call to each so far from the sea

i see them confused perching on tall chimneys

then flapping against the dying light of day

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Friday, 8 July 2011

I do not have you close by

I do not have you close by
And you did not have yours near

And neither are we broken
We are hard
We made it and lost it

Because we would not let
The self tremble
In the evening breeze


Moulded it into stone
Round and hard


Tired [we are]
Tried [we did]
Tread [soft now]


Sweet-lipped waits
Waits and sighs
In the fading light

But our hearts have flown
We have reaped
What we have sown

We have buried our treasure
Deep within
And inside


The unexplored galaxies
And our undiscovered space


Lorn means

Lose is to be defeated
In a battle

Or to let go of one’s grip
Of the mind

Ah, angel
thoughts floating in space

Are not lost

Eternal Corrector
Is correcting

Returning along
Time's continuum

The love
You loved the most

And lost
Had no choice but to let go of

lovelorn (mp3)

Wednesday, 6 July 2011


let the healing flow
let the fire fall
let the river run
let the light be all

let the poor be clothed
let the lost be found
let the driven rest
let the forgotten be renowned

let your voice be heard
let your yesterday go
let your tomorrow be today
let God's Spirit flow

the name of the Lord be praised

In the midst of mourning
In the depths of night
On the edge of despair 
At the dawning of light

The name of the Lord be praised
Be praised
The name of the Lord be praised

When life has no moorings
When your beauty has gone
In heartbreak's remembrance
As the wind whispers on

The name of the Lord be praised
Be praised
The name of the Lord be praised

With eyes that are open
With hands that are raised
In the fires of youth
In the embers of age

The name of the Lord be praised
Be praised
The name of the Lord be praised