Monday, 11 May 2009

but above all things truth beareth away the victory

Speak through the heat, haze and hubris
Sound just one word
Food for a wayward journeyer
Upon foreign planes
Within distant memories

I couldn't tell you why I went outwardly so far
When inwardly there was only one spot to stand upon
And weep
To remain so still within yet be moving and moving
Across fields and cities in sunshine, snow and rain
Tell me why I did not wait for the early morning dew?

Moments came and went
Fleeting little things so briefly alighting
I couldn't ever catch one
Not even once
But how, how could it be
With my candle and my cross and a bleeding heart
Could I ever be imprinted with evening song?

Definition enough, enough now
For a moment falls from the sky
Like a falling star
Full of death, full of belonging, full of fire
Tell me, how could it be that I should make
Such a trilogy a part of me?

Light wards was not above but within
Emanating from a pierced heart
And a translucent side
Rough wood catches me most nights
Between majesty and awakening
Beholding and flowering

And Beauty
Is asking
To be seen
Asking to be
Taken inside
And wholly loved