Friday, 11 April 2008

The Letter A – a

What can I say about an A?
A – star, A – list
Alpha male
High flying, soaring
Looking down from above is A
Amazing, adored, appreciated
All inclusive
Always dependable
An A courts
Go-getting action
Jet-setting attention
Like no other
Awake, awake
Ask anything you like
Of an A
First of 26
Announcing the dawn
Believe me
Anything is possible
At the beginning
Of a list
Representing sound

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

After long night, up-risen is the morn

After shock, silence
After silence, speech

After speech, sleep
After sleep, seek

After long night
Up-risen is the morn

Mourn dark days
Up-rise the tide of dawn

The Letter D – d

The letter D has it hard
The black sheep of the alphabet fold
A sound like no other to sum up
Life's devastations
Man's deviations
Woman's depressions
My desperate search
No other letter does it like a d
Don't doubt
It'll drag you down
Disaster creeping like the devil himself
Through every open door
Despair, disparage – too many dis' to mention
Too much deception to know a lie
Too much darkness to be able to see
Driven to distraction
So much death, departure
Damage done

Thursday, 3 April 2008

The Ravine of Kidron

Strength from above
Pressed on every side
Life blood squeezed out
One drop of a bloody
Tide to flow

One betraying
As footsteps fill the air
Torches, lanterns, weapons
To extinguish
The world’s light

Taken down with a kiss
A sword’s flash
A severed ear
And one final miracle
In the garden of your circle