Monday, 25 August 2008

blood brother

god created man
man revealed woman
woman brought forth child with the help of god and man
child grew with the help of woman man and god
man and woman wondered at this image of each other and god that was before them
and so made another child who grew and murdered his brother who was also his image as well as the image of the man the woman and god
the brother's blood cried out for vengeance upon his blood brother who left marked by god to build a city and try to forget the loss of the image of himself the man the woman and god
sin is a dog that crouchest at your door said god to the marked man brother you mayest master it

decades of yearning broken promises and slavery piled up on the marked blood brother's children's children
until there came the elder brother of god's house who gave his life blood to answer the blood still crying out from vengeance's field
god forsaken son of humanity a bloody spectacle in the field
in a strange twist the elder brother son of humanity was betrayed
for blood money by another brother's kiss
covered by shame blood money brought a grave
field of blood the earth became on the day the elder brother son of humanity died
at last son of man's blood covered the blood of the first man's son
blood brother for blood brother
vengeance is mine whispered god vengeance is mine
as the cross was implanted in the field and god's beloved son was slain

Monday, 18 August 2008


mixed in my hands

smoldered in my heart

swirled in my lungs

seeped from my eyes

radiated outwards

words failed me

I've taken it all

Wednesday, 13 August 2008

People of the Time

Open your mouth to say what?
These days people speak, I speak, too often only to self

Open your ears to hear what?
Indistinct words, lies or a reputation being trashed

Open your eyes to see what?
Flesh lifted on high, daily to be devoured

Open your mind to understand what?
Crashing stocks, life through the lens, the crying of the war torn, died too soon

Open your heart to feel what?
Emptiness that whirls you in its arms in an endless dance

Open your closed door to what?
The entrance of sorrow

Like candles flickering in a remote outpost
We give light only to our imaginations

But sometimes when it is very quiet
You can hear a whisper from the mountain's edge

Open only once - to speak, to hear, to see, to understand, to feel
The other side of fear; which is faith

Friday, 1 August 2008

the centre of sorrow

ripples on a surface expanding
the edge not seen
a stone dropped from a great height
the depth not fathomed

plummeting pebble of yesterday
sinking still
seeking the centre of sorrow
falling, falling

through all those soundless places
o if i could see
if i could know
if i could grasp

the pierced hand
delving to catch
this weighted
pain-filled thing

and swallow it down
drowning the swathes
of darkness
that fostered such a child

and there it is
transfigured and blessed
body containing sorrow's centre
how could you injest this most bitter pill

and not die again?
once and for all
a heart beat ceases
blood and water flows

forgive me
if i cannot stand
on the banks
of fathomless love

where there' s no edge
no bottom
no end
to be swept where by the tide?

but encompassed
i would
be truly
forever yours x