Friday, 29 October 2010

The body of Jesus taken down

Who came?

Who was it that took down the body of God?

.. So stripped and whipped on high

Son of the Most pierced through …

Who wanted to anoint the fresh wound?

Who was he that gathered courage to face the judge

Whose hands dripped guilt?

With trembling faith overcoming fear the request was made

By him who had first come at night

By him who had not consented to their plan of action

By him who was waiting for the kingdom of light

A prominent member of that killer Council

A good and righteous man bought the linen cloth

And came and took Him down

Covered Him in cleanness

Wrapped such suffering humanity

In his own brand new tomb which he had hewn out of rock

Who was it in the stillness of evening that rolled the stone across

And closed the gaping mouth of death?

Monday, 25 October 2010

the dread of error

stops u dead
upon the track
of truth
run over
by the train
of grace
o my
2 die
within such
a bone-shattering

A nation swells

Some rising tide
Deep inside her darkness
Some receding storm
High above her hills

O covered face

I can little behold
Your blackness
Nor the mystery
Held within
Your poverty

All mine, all mine

In the stillness
In the silence
In the sorrow

Mystery will pierce
Like a spear
The just and the unjust
The living and the dead

O my heart

Turn towards the blackness
Walk into the centre of the stillness
Stand within the silence
Encircle the sorrow

She rises and billows

As I, as I

Upon the solemn winds of change


gentle but reaching down
down into deep

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Saturday, 2 October 2010


Seen beyond the surface
Surfaced after a long time
Timed attack for ultimate damage
Damaged but touched by love
Loved towards night fall
Falling towards You

The inescapable Good
The indescribable Beauty
The indestructible Truth