Saturday, 26 September 2009

The days are falling from the trees

"In such silence I hide,
a leaf released from the wind,
no longer anxious for the days that fall.
They must all fall. I know."
Karol Wojtyla, extract from Song of the Hidden God

The days are falling from the trees

Curled at the edges, different shaded covering the ground

And with the days tumble words of many kinds

Strong, sad, simple; forming piles to kick up

And discover the deepest meaning

Of the trunk of self as it irrevocably sheds its load

The days are falling from the trees

Like the letting go of love in the gentle breeze
A display of many-shaded brightness before

The stripping bare comes, comes slow

And then the downpour, and then the stillness

Of autumn pressing up against the soul

The days are falling from the trees
Revealing the structure bare against the skyline
The disintegrating heaps of weeks, months, years all mine
To have wasted, worked, whispered the wisdom
Stored in the roots, beneath bark, the rings within
Lord, may I be fully alive at the extremities until the final leaf falls

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