Thursday, 22 October 2009

Remember Me

My words hanging in the air are like a knife
They cut me within like the nails piercing me without
Remember me when ...
When I robbed, walked the streets as a robber
When I took all that I was and threw it to the dogs -
Covered by the night with a cloaked heart, it beats now
On high with you, amidst the shouting, the jeering
The sneering crowd, but your eyes are beholding something else -
All that I never knew in this life; my last day is the same
As yours, this King of the Jews; my sin, your shame
Your shame, my covering; I am uncloaked in your nakedness -
Remember me when you come in your kingdom ...
The mist descending as the outline of another place takes shapes
I never could have imagined such an end to my fate -
In the pain searing through my limbs, in my fading sight
In my dying breath to find life, and be with you today Jesus, in paradise

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