Sunday, 9 May 2010

Today of all Days

Today of all days
Gold was discovered in a Cornish tin mine
Embedded in the stone
The sweat and strength of men with drills
Day in, day out for three years
Encased within the earth
No natural light, focused on the task at hand
Instructed to look for tin and copper
But instead struck gold

Today of all days
As we wait for the election dust to settle
The earth yielded her most precious metal

Today of all days
A rare shoot emerged on a Lancashire golf course -
Britain's rarest flower - The Lady's Slipper
The poilce have circled it with crime tape
Pass by every hour on patrol, have set up CCTV
To deter the Flower Thieves - that most evil bunch
Only today I learnt the existence of

When it blooms they will be circling round
To pounce on this most fragile of beauties
And rip her from her earthy home to trade
On the flower black market
But steps have been taken:

PC Duncan Thomas, Lancashire's Wildlife Officer
is reported as saying:
"People travel from all over the country
On what is almost a pilgrimage
To view the plant in bloom
And are often overcome with emotion at the sight."

Today of all days
A day when men decide who they are going to crown king
And play their games of power
The earth yielded one of her rarest of all flowers

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