Friday, 29 October 2010

The body of Jesus taken down

Who came?

Who was it that took down the body of God?

.. So stripped and whipped on high

Son of the Most pierced through …

Who wanted to anoint the fresh wound?

Who was he that gathered courage to face the judge

Whose hands dripped guilt?

With trembling faith overcoming fear the request was made

By him who had first come at night

By him who had not consented to their plan of action

By him who was waiting for the kingdom of light

A prominent member of that killer Council

A good and righteous man bought the linen cloth

And came and took Him down

Covered Him in cleanness

Wrapped such suffering humanity

In his own brand new tomb which he had hewn out of rock

Who was it in the stillness of evening that rolled the stone across

And closed the gaping mouth of death?

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