Sunday, 9 January 2011


straight road
went steep

down into dawn
where light
lighted the way

and brightness glowed
from fingers
and toes

travelled far
stopped a while

ah wind
whispering low
how wonderful

to day-filled

yes wait
wait my love
you are to be found


Sarah said...

I think this poem has a very Irish feel to made me think of the rather lovely and romantic film August Rush in which the little boy senses that if only he can play his music and be heard.. somehow he will be found by those who are seeking him - his parents.. Though the world about him tells him they are dead..he knows, senses better than the rationally minded... In fact the poems sounds as though you were just watching the film! The name Sabbath is interesting...the bliss of a contemplative attitude and the Light in which we see light definitely comes through. Lovely.

Sherman said...

Beautiful poem. Very romantic and positive.
Sherman Unkefer