Friday, 6 May 2011

kiss of life

waves break
upon heart’s shore
heart of many pieces
swells as the water rushes
onto the softened sand

and suddenly
there you are
washed up
naked startled
far from home

but then the
a murder of them
to pluck out
quick-eyed love
to circle your translucent 
in flashing blackness

and here I am
a stone
under a glassy gaze
thrown up now
besides your
lifeless curled up form
a hole in your side
leaking liquid love
staining sand
with some transcendent

I’ll lie by you a while
I’ll decide to die 
to the hammer
blows of self
unite with you 
as silence 
like the evening

I didn’t imagine
I’d rise with you
some white darting dove
broke through
the black flapping ranks
to brush a gentle
wing across our cheeks

it was like a kiss

you woke
and we both inhaled
the air of dreams

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