Thursday, 13 March 2014



I always imagined
ruin’s touch
to be harsh  
but it was like a hand
on my shoulder
gently pushing me down  
I always imagined
the ground to be cold  
but it was to envelop me
like a mother  
by unquestionable arms
I was down  
I was part of the earth


I am a seed in God’s hand  
I can barely see now  
but have felt both the sun and the rain
as my heart burning  
my real tears  
and with every day
I was reducing  
I was becoming only one thing  
knowing only one thing  
that God would bury me  
and the time came  
He whispered  
is the only way to live 


time advances stronger than an army ready to strike
cut me down to the ground
where I now live and am like a seed being covered
dug into soil
yes it starts long before the final burial
but there are no witnesses for this  
to be born you die  
my Father said  
be as a seed into the ground  
wait there in the great sleep underground 
 to live  
so you can become like me
 who you sought when it was day

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