Thursday, 31 December 2015


Captivated by that which is not lovely nor good nor right
What on this wide earth could uncover the entrance you stepped through?
Entertainment is a drawn curtain
And you are wrapped within
A stranger to yourself and this waiting world that has closed you in
Here nothing happens
Nothing changes with the ticking of the clock
And you, sad child, are rocked to sleep every night
No dreams flicker as you watch unblinking the outer screen
The flame of your life smouldering
What breathe could blow and enliven that which is almost gone?
And it is almost gone
You are extinguishing yourself
While all the while the birds are chirping 'don't go, don't go'
Before they fly away, my love, turn down the sound
What is it that you cannot hear in the birdsong?

Love all the while lies in wait outside your closed door

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