Wednesday, 13 August 2008

People of the Time

Open your mouth to say what?
These days people speak, I speak, too often only to self

Open your ears to hear what?
Indistinct words, lies or a reputation being trashed

Open your eyes to see what?
Flesh lifted on high, daily to be devoured

Open your mind to understand what?
Crashing stocks, life through the lens, the crying of the war torn, died too soon

Open your heart to feel what?
Emptiness that whirls you in its arms in an endless dance

Open your closed door to what?
The entrance of sorrow

Like candles flickering in a remote outpost
We give light only to our imaginations

But sometimes when it is very quiet
You can hear a whisper from the mountain's edge

Open only once - to speak, to hear, to see, to understand, to feel
The other side of fear; which is faith

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