Friday, 1 August 2008

the centre of sorrow

ripples on a surface expanding
the edge not seen
a stone dropped from a great height
the depth not fathomed

plummeting pebble of yesterday
sinking still
seeking the centre of sorrow
falling, falling

through all those soundless places
o if i could see
if i could know
if i could grasp

the pierced hand
delving to catch
this weighted
pain-filled thing

and swallow it down
drowning the swathes
of darkness
that fostered such a child

and there it is
transfigured and blessed
body containing sorrow's centre
how could you injest this most bitter pill

and not die again?
once and for all
a heart beat ceases
blood and water flows

forgive me
if i cannot stand
on the banks
of fathomless love

where there' s no edge
no bottom
no end
to be swept where by the tide?

but encompassed
i would
be truly
forever yours x

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