Sunday, 23 February 2014

Geo Milev, a Bulgarian poet


Your skull took a pounding in the Great War, and you lost one eye...

And what was it they took you for? A poem, your September amounted to the 30 years you lived; the reason they took you for a “little questioning...”

It was another 30 years before they found your easily recognisable skull, and for how long did they look for you? Your wife searching prisons, hospitals, your daughter, running towards footsteps on the stairs...

And what was it you wrote that turned fear into rage?

O God

Support Thou the sacred work
Of coarsened black hands:
Pour Thou boldness into our pounding hearts:
Thou wishest no man a slave – 

One-eyed, loosing earthly vision, what was the last thing you saw? A fire man, trying to extinguish the flames of thought...