Thursday, 13 February 2014

Allusions of Readiness

The root is rooted
The seed is sown
The fruit is borne
The acorn is no longer dreaming of the oak
It's time

Sleep has slept
Tears have been wept
The circle of longing has closed
Enfolding fulfilment
It's time

Painful questions have met their answers
Simply vanished into thin air
People walk full-bellied
Savouring the answers to their prayers
It's time

The wave to ride is no longer empty
Hundreds can be sited joyfully surfing its white crest
Rest has been liberated from the worn
Healing heaped  upon the torn
It's time

The present moment has inhaled the past with all its learnings
And breathed out the bud of the future ----------------------------
It's time

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