Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Foolish fire

Lights flicker and many heads turn
Turn away from the living
Turn towards foolish fire

Will-o'-the-wisp dancing intangibly
Above and beyond
But always within vision

And so it is the tangible recedes from many a sight  
And countless souls become ephemeral
Ghost-like mothers giving birth each day to emptiness

Pale faces looking into the fire
To make out familiar forms
Mouthing strange incantations to bring them forth …

But no
It will never be so
It will only be said ‘don’t go’

Foolish fire licks the edges of many an eye
Halts the journey in some remote cave
Ah if only it was known this is where evil is resides

And that there is a furnace that awaits each life
That if willingly entered will turn ash
Into the purist of gold

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